Anarchy Delacine LP

These guys started out doing bad covers of good English ’77 punk songs, but now they’re doing bad covers of bad songs, including their own. Here, they mix older-style punk material with awful rock compositions, and the gutlessly produced results are boring as hell. Please don’t judge Japanese punk on the basis of ANARCHY’s releases.

Star Club Final Count LP

The STAR CLUB are at their best when playing their trademark ’78 sound, with good guitar hooks and catchy melodies. This album is not quite as consistent as their last two, but contains a few flashbacks of their former glory, albeit without the characteristic grunginess. Okay.

V/A Skull Thrash Zone, Volume 1 LP

DOOM are terrible metal, SHELL SHOCK are decent metallic hardcore, X are enjoyable thrash, JURASSIC JADE are as bad as they sound, GROUND ZONE is boring metal, and ROSE ROSE make powerful thrash noise. And they all look like a punk version of KISS.