Ketunkolo Tuotanto

Karkaisu Tulenarkaa EP

Hardcore crust out of Finland. Very thrashy at points. In fact, this feels more like a metal album than a punk one. Not that I’m complaining, I’m a big fan of this release. It was almost a little shocking to see this was recorded within the last year—it honestly feels like this was unearthed from the early ’80s. Very tight recording, and the guitars are absolute fire. Blistering fast galloping that never wavers. Fantastic stuff, and the album art is the icing on the cake. For fans of early METALLICA and ZNOWHITE.

Manacles / Viimeinen Virhe split cassette

The MANACLES side of this split features four songs by the Lithuanian band that capture their hallmark sound, which is somewhere between raw punk and bass guitar-powered hardcore. The opposing side features five tracks by Finnish band VIIMEINEN VIRHE playing their style of D-beat hardcore. The split joins the two bands together like a perfect dystopian union: the similarities are there, but the unique differences of the bands is also highlighted. This might actually be one of my favorite splits in recent years, so give it a go!