Degenerated Downfall of Humanity / I Hate It 7″

Self-described psychobilly from Germany, 2019. Tough sell for me, gotta tell ya. DEGENERATED sound bloated and needlessly theatrical even by the standards of the genre they grease up to… It’s like they’re reducing rock’n’roll to the carnal core, but getting it terribly wrong with each strip-down attempt. A big miss.

The Antipatix Psychobilly Gone Bad EP

I guess “psychobilly gone bad” becomes garage rock moderne with its jangly guitars and laid back attitude. The pumping of the bass and snarling vocals are still present which makes it an interesting amalgam. This is the ANTIPATIX’s first record. Perhaps they will work out the kinks in their style and make something truly unpredictable. I look forward to it.

The Rusty Robots Sweethearts, Kisses, Bloody Knives EP

Punkabilly ahhhh-go-go from fuckin’ Leipzig, OK? Three tunes total, though I can hardly tell the difference between em. Total hairspray overdrive skull’n’bones schlock here, no new or embarrassing ground broken, so no real harm done. What does morning-after smoked fish and stout barf sound like? Probably this.

The Toxenes Double Creature Feature LP

This is the LP version of both TOXENES’ releases: 2019’s Highway X CD and 2017’s Electric Shock cassette. TOXENES are a tough, sassy band of women from Minneapolis, MN. Eighteen songs of surfy garage punk with brazen, melodic vocals. It’s catchy, cool and fun.