Matako Mazuri

Hickoids We’re in It for the Corn LP

Living up to their true potential, the HICKOIDS blaze a true path between the mud-caked rodeo music of the South and the craziness of cousins marrying. There’s a true strangeness here that rivals the best of early MEAT PUPPETS, and like the MP’s, they can smoke on their instruments. Besides, how many bands really look good with cowshit on their boots?

Ideals The Poor Man’s ZZ Top EP

Well, they sorta are. Two of the five tracks are bluesy rock, one more punked out than the other. The other tracks are thrashed out, but still with a slight country/blues inflection. Definitely a Texas band.

Texas Instruments The Thing in Apartment B / Good Times in Rhythm 7″

I liked this band’s debut EP last year for its twanginess and scruffy vocals. Here, they have kept just a little bit of that while concentrating on the musicianship. “Thing…” is basically a somber instrumental, and the flip has a charming shit-faced singalong feel to it.

The Bang Gang She Ran… But We Ran Faster EP

Competent thrash with a quirky edge, but the lyrics… yuk. “4 X the Fun,” like the cover art and the band name, revolve around the joys of gang rape. I suppose it’s just another punk “joke,” but in the offensive 6th grade style.

V/A Metal Moo Cow LP

Now what the hell’s goin’ on here? Well, it’s an electric sampler containing a bunch of psychotic Texans doing all sorts of weird shit. The FEARLESS IRANIANS FROM HELL, NAPALM, FEAST OF FOOLS, and TOEJAM perform demented experimental thrash, then you’ve got some incredibly inane hard rock (HEATHER LEATHER), schizoid psychedelia (SCRATCH ACID and the TECHNICOLOR YAWNS), “country thrash” (the HICKOIDS), metallic sleaze (the JEFFERSONS), doodling (MEAT JOY), and powerhouse thrash (the OFFENDERS). This must be what the BUTTHOLE SURFERS listen to all day.

V/A Bands on the Block LP

From the graphic look of the cover and band names, I would’ve thought this was a largely punk record. Not so. Fully two-thirds of it is various forms of new wave—some listenable, a lot not. It’s only with the last eight or so tracks on side two that we get some punk, with cuts from many bands previously not recorded such as HICKOIDS, SHOCKHEAD, CRIMINAL CREW, HAPPY DEATH, IDEALS, and JEFFERSONS (ex-DICKS minus Gary). Mixed bag.