Mighty Mouth Music

Grudge When Christine Comes Around / I’m Gonna Smash Your Face In 7″

I first heard LAURICE at MRR headquarters while listing to their excellent G.A.Y.D.A.R. LP. If you’re unfamiliar with LAURICE, let me just say that they’ve been releasing a ton of material: bubblegum punky glam, smooth jazz, even straight-up disco since the early ’70s under various names. Record collector nerds can probably give you way better insight to this (Mitch Cardwell, Graham Booth, are you reading this?) but this record consists of the earliest LAURICE recording under the band name GRUDGE. While I very much prefer the hard throbbing cock disco thump of G.A.Y.D.A.R., this song will definitely grow on you like a bad genital fungus. The flipside is a straight up Michael Nesmith-style MONKEES jammer under the LAURICE nom de plume. Young kiddie fans of HUNX AND HIS PUNX and old Partridge Family lovin’ pervs alike will groove along to this wax in the sticky summer months. Someone please get me a towel. I feel unclean.

Laurice Bad Boy LP

Yes, everybody’s favorite bad boy is back in the saddle again, finally taking the giant leap from ’70s glam into ’80s new romantic. It’s hard to tell whether he had a BILLY IDOL fetish, or someone (ahem) steered him in this direction, but whatever the case, these tunes are sure to light up pretty much any futuristic TV studio dancefloor you can find. How can you deny hot licks and a drum machine? Very good stuff.