Mind Meld

Glittering Insects Glittering Insects LP

This album by Georgia psych-rockers GLITTERING INSECTS starts out with some jazzy guitar noise à la LIGHTNING BOLT, continues into something that sounds like early NIRVANA, and then goes full jazz with the addition of horns. This is all followed up with something that sounds like PUBLIC IMAGE LIMITED. Around the midpoint of the album, a pair of driving rock tracks emerge with a heavy DISCHARGE flavor. As if all this wasn’t enough, there are dreamlike, shoegazing psych-rock moments interspersed throughout the album. “Obscure World After Death” is an absolute killer song. In all, this album is an eclectic collection of sounds that have a surprisingly smooth flow which you’ll be hesitant to interrupt.

Timmy Vulgar’s Genetic Armageddon Music from the Other Side of the Swamp LP

I’m afraid TIMMY VULGAR might be getting too stuck in his ways. I wouldn’t say this record is predictable, but I’ve come to expect his records to sound like this. VULGAR plays all the instruments on this LP, as well as singing in his distinctive, emotive style. The guitars are wailing, and the synths are soaring. The sounds are raw and futuristically primitive. “Suction Cup Hands” is my favorite song on the LP. It’s got a catchy guitar riff that combines nicely with the rhythm track and VULGAR’s rambling vocal. It’s pretty cool.