Mister Face

An Slua How Ya Gettin’ On​?​ EP

Irish fockin’ Oi! Enough said! This EP has everything you can ask for in an Oi! record: memorable hooks, melodic “feel-good” guitar licks, and a steady groove. What sets this band apart is their political views, particularly when it comes to veganism, which is an integral part of punk (or it should be). As someone who cares about animal rights, it’s really appealing when a band comes up with such views. Also, these four lads add a bit of post-punk influences here and there, making it even more special. Remember to eat your veggies!

Battery March Futur Pour Eux EP

Enjoyably knockabout Oi!-infused street punk from this band of Boston bruisers. Unfairly compared to DEATH RIDGE BOYS (Oi! for people who hate Oi!) in the accompanying blurb, this release fits nicely within the pantheon of American Oi!, replete with obligatory TEMPLARS-adjacent gruff vocals (without wandering into caricature territory). A surprise French number is also welcome, yet perhaps thankfully lacking the accursed saxophone by which our comrades from La République are inexplicably enamoured.

Violent Way All Talk EP

From the ashes of the ELITE emerges VIOLENT WAY, refreshed and renewed to give the world a kicking. Some classic meat and potatoes Oi! from these Buffalo upstarts, and if you are a real American Oi! fan you’ll love this; willing to bet a couple of quid that these fellas had FORCED REALITY and TEMPLARS written on their pencil case at school.