Neurotic Bop

The 3-D Invisibles Put on Your Glasses EP

This clever Michigan outfit is obviously obsessed with grade-B horror and sci-fi films. While I share their enthusiasm for such things, I think their music is a bit too campy and cute to transmit that genre’s combination of awe, humor, and fear into the aural dimension. The basic garage pop/punk/rock songs here could benefit greatly from a more distorted guitar sound. Comes with DIY 3-D glasses.

The 3-D Invisibles Jump Off the Screen LP

The nifty 3-D album cover (glasses provided) presages this band’s lyric compulsion with horror movie themes. The songs are all presented in a stripped-down, punkish format, with good melodies and arrangements, but very little in the way of power. A little dumb, and only a little better than average.