¡No Clubs!

B.P. Draft Beer… Not Me LP

One-hundred-miles-an-hour thrash with 3 second leads. Okay! Very straightforward, lots of power, snotty vocals and decent lyrics. Your basic hardcore, but with lots of energy and enthusiasm. A pick-me-up.

No Fraud The E.P. EP

The passion comes through on this frenzied EP of high-velocity thrash. A pummelling guitar and drum attack combined with harsh vocals makes each of these songs decisively effective, as well distinctive and dynamic in their own right. A winner!

Pagan Faith Blood Bath EP

The instrumental sound is not unlike REBEL TRUTH (remember them?) with its inventive guitar riffing, and this band excels when the tempos are fast indeed. While the songs could be a bit faster, there’s a good “fuck you” attitude here, despite the rock trappings of some songs.