David Peel & the Lower East Side 1984 cassette

A timely release, both thematically and musically. PEEL, a veteran of the New York street scene (dating back to the 1960s), has come up with a modern jazz-punk-rock sound with the help of GG ALLIN and WAYNE KRAMER (ex-MC5). Sound bizarre? Not as weird as the world we live in, as these lyrics certainly bring home.

GG Allin You Hate Me and I Hate You 7″

The undisputed king of New Hampshire raunch rock returns with yet another trashy garage offering. G.G. may be predictable in his excesses, but when the results are this loud and absurd, it’s OK with me. This type of bone-crunching guitar-heavy stuff is as American as mouldy apple pie, but don’t expect the Reaganoids to invite G.G. to perform at the White House.

GG Allin No Rules EP

Hey, this is even better than G.G.’s usual garage punk offerings, being faster, tighter, and minus sexism. Amazing! The background choruses turn “No Rules” into a classic, but this guy still serves as a constant reminder of how absurd people can be. That’s a recommendation.

GG Allin Tasteless Animal Noise cassette

Old G.G. doesn’t give up, but then why should he? This unclear live recording doesn’t quite pack the punch of his studio offerings, but it does feature some imbecilic between-song raps by way of compensation. You’d probably have to see G.G. in person to get the full effect of his tastelessness.