Discharge Grave New World LP

Too horrible for words, this aggregation of the once-great DISCHARGE goes full-on metal sounding like LED ZEP (15 minute songs to boot!). No traces of punk at all, even to the point that the drummer Gary has covered over his CRASS tattoo with some metallish tattoo. Last DISCHARGE release we’ll be reviewing. (Unless we decide to ridicule them further. —Ed.)

Murphy’s Law Murphy’s Law LP

A supposedly “fun” album by this New York band, one of many that play good music (punk—as opposed to thrash metal—in this case) but who make it difficult to enjoy because of their advertised ignorance (homophobia, among others). Accompanying press release actually lauded singer Jimmy Gestapo for his “Donohue” performance, as well as containing his self-description as a “macho goon.” Real fun.