Psyche Industry

Asexuals Be What You Want LP

The fact that I viciously slagged the ASEXUALS for their lyrics to “Contra Rebels” in a recent review helps to disguise that I’ve always really liked their music, both on the EP and in the offending song. And now that I’ve learned that I’ve unjustifiably criticized them for said lyrics, which were apparently meant satirically, I have no qualms about admitting that this is an impressive album combining ’77 punk structures, fast tempos, and strong choruses. I apologize for the mistaken interpretation, but the lesson to be learned from it is that poorly composed satire can easily be misconstrued as dead seriousness.

Asexuals Contemporary World LP

I suppose it would’ve been unfair to expect this LP to strike me as their debut did (my fave LP of last year), but perhaps with many playings it will come close. There’s still that great, distinctive voice, super-tight and fast melodic thrash delivery, clean production (perhaps a bit too clean here), classy hooks, and that rare sing-along quality, so… Catch ’em on tour and sing your heart out (great lyrics, too).

S.C.U.M. Born Too Soon LP

This is really weird. Here’s a really great debut from this Canadian punk band who is socially and politically aware, and they inject all that into their songs. The thing I can’t get used to is the vocalist, who sounds amazingly like a clear-headed Darby Crash. Weird but cool.

The Nils Sell Out Young! EP

On the NILS’ debut solo release, their music is distinguished in that they can easily shift from all-out ripping hardcore to a more poppy song with cool harmonies and nifty melodies. A very good record from a band that doesn’t sound like anybody else.

V/A Primitive Air-Raid LP

An excellent cross-section of Montreal-area bands, most of which haven’t released any vinyl before. From the thrash of DIRECT ACTION and NO POLICY to the chunky pop-punk of the NILS to AMERICAN DEVICES’ weird, rockin’ stuff to fast punk by GENETIC CONTROL, the ABSURDS, and FAIR WARNING to the garage punk of PORCELAIN FOREHEAD to MORBID FIRE’s experimental garage thrash, this album provides listening enjoyment. The only musical letdowns are art- damaged numbers by ≠ and IAGO NEON. The ASEXUALS, on the other hand, provide the lyrical low-point with their imbecilic pro-contra chant; their line “political morons without a fucking clue” must be autobiographical, since they apparently know nothing about Nicaragua, American foreign policy, or the circle-A which they employ in their moniker.

V/A It Came From the Pit LP

This excellent Northern sampler has something for everyone. You expect great tracks from SNFU, STRETCHMARKS, and NOMEANSNO, but this LP showcases other positive young bands like MY DOG POPPER, S.C.U.M., SUDDEN IMPACT, and the RUGGEDY ANNES. Entirely recommended.