Actives Riot EP

A rich, abrasive guitar onslaught provides an aggressive energy to this debut EP by the ACTIVES. The recording seems a bit muddy here, but two songs in particular (“Riot” and “Out of Control”) suggest that this group can emerge from a standard Britpunk style with catchy, change-of-pace instrumentation. Recommended.

Actives Kick It Down LP

A really powerful, exciting album. The ACTIVES have developed into a somewhat Americanized thrash-style band, and the results represent an improvement over their earlier EP. The guitars and drums are way up front in the mix, and if there’s any fault here, it’s that the agonized vocals are somewhat buried. Recommended.

Bloodsport Class Struggle 12″

Interesting. Solid pop-punk music-making distinguishes this enjoyable three-track EP. The title track is quite an engaging ditty, though I was caught by the vocal harmonies and lyric satire of “Heroin,” and a hard guitar sound bolsters the power of all the tracks. Recommended.

The Public Heirs What’s Going On? 12″

Another release in the spirit of early UK punk with just a tad of the old post-punk. Catchy (almost danceable in their B-side dub remixes), and raw enough to be interesting. “South Africa” sounds remarkably like the PISTOLS with effects and “Power for the Many” is a studio piss-about.

Troops of Tomorrow Troops of Tomorrow 12″

A very lengthy reprise of the militaristic song that once appeared on the VIBRATORS’ second album, courtesy of original member Knox. The 45 rpm side has more punky spunk and guitar effects; the 33 rpm side is more brooding and bass-heavy. If you like the song (as I do) you’ll enjoy this, but it’s not exactly good value for money.