Beastie Boys Polly Wog Stew EP

Thrash garage punk with amazingly snotty vocals. The instrumental raunch perfectly complements the singer, who sounds like he’s right on the edge of sanity. You’ll be singing the chorus to “Beastie Boys” for days after hearing it, and the psychedelic (“Jimi”) and country (“Michelle’s Farm”) satires are really silly. The best of the new crop from New York.

Crucial Truth Darkened Days EP

A split package by these transplanted Floridians—two metallic rock songs and two thrashers. Although the vocals on the former pair remind one of the late Jim Morrison, the real strength of this EP lies in the others. “Male Domination” is a particularly outstanding cut, with its adrenaline kick and vicious anti-chauvinist lyrics.

Heart Attack Subliminal Seduction 12″

A much poppier effort from HEART ATTACK. This EP is filled with all sorts of hooks and singalong choruses, but it retains their hard-edged punky guitar assault and serious lyrical approach. Here, they take on topics like sexism (“Man’s World”) and the genocidal wars against the American Indians (“Wheels Over Indian Trails”) with a great deal of intelligence. Recommended.

The Young and the Useless Real Men Don’t Floss EP

For some reason, this New York punk group sounds more English than American. Maybe it’s the somewhat restrained drumming, or the deeper guitar hum. In any event, the YOUNG & USELESS aren’t too tight yet, which gives them a certain charm. The lyrics are very questionable, but hopefully age will bring more wisdom—these guys are real young.