Speed of Sound

Knucklehead Knucklehead I LP

Distorted guitar supplies the background rhythms to a hearty bunch of medium-paced melodic thrashers. In some ways, it reminds me of a new version of late-’70s English punk played extremely raw, minus the poppy riffs and choruses. Songs do start slipping into the “sounding the same” syndrome but overall a good effort.

Kremlin Korps Moscow’s Revenge EP

Superficially not unlike SIN 34, KREMLIN KORPS opt for a more churning guitar sound and longer songs that emphasize personal politics. The compositions are OK, but not exceptional; the things which really make this four-tracker work are the rich instrumentals and sneering, satiric vocals. Interesting.

Underground Soldier Fun Before Profit 12″

This band hits with both well-performed older style punk and with thrash, and hits hard. The band is tight and powerful, and while not extraordinary, they are better than most. The female singer, Helen, reminds me of De De Troit a bit, or maybe SIN 34 or LEGAL WEAPON (thanks Martin). Good sound.