King Kurt Ooh Wallah Wallah LP

Dave Edmunds got his hands on these guys and upped the ante plenty. From the rough weirdness of their debut EP, they’ve gravitated to a smooth big-time wall of sound. That’s both bad and good. The weirdness has been sacrificed, but their current variety of modern R&B/rockabilly is very powerful.

The Damned New Rose 12″

Well, hey—here’s your chance to snap up some early or rare DAMNED stuff, back when they were a slap-in-the-face punk band. Includes “Help” and “New Rose” from the first 45, “Stretcher Case” and “Sick of Being Sick” from their ultra-rare freebie 7″, as well as “Neal Neat Neat.” Get this fucker.

The Undead Nine Toes Later EP

The best release on the Stiff label in quite a while (except maybe for the DAMNED reissues). When you graft an appealing instrumental sloppiness and belligerent New York vocals onto an irresistable base of pop melodies and punky guitars, you end up with this boisterous debut from the UNDEAD. Definitely worth the wait.