Texas Hotel

Henrietta Collins and the Wifebeating Childhaters Drive By Shooting 12″

Henry’s kinda joke, I guess, as the “concept” here is a bogus title, “Henrietta Collins and the Wifebeating Childhaters.” Ok. Musically, a new wave tune and a mandatory (he was from DC) WIRE cover on the A-side, and four tunes on the flip, which are more like what I thought would be on the LP, sorta rap/spoken word set to music, including a thrashing of “We Will Rock You” only it’s “I Have Come to Kill You.” Liked the LP better.

Henry Rollins Hot Animal Machine LP

HENRY ROLLINS’ (ex-SOA/BLACK FLAG) first solo vinyl effort is not so solo. Backed on cuts by a hard-driving band (including ex-SOA/FAITH/EMBRACE member Mike Hampton), the musical tracks sound much better to my ear than anything the Four Towels did in recent years. Despite the cleanness of the production, there’s real structure and bite here, and Hank sounds in great form. Biggest surprise — no spoken word.