Dezerter Ku Przyszłości EP

After hearing the fairly traditional ’77ish title track from this EP by a Polish punk band, I thought it might be more of a curio than a record I listened to a lot. But the other three songs turned out to be tight contemporary-sounding thrashers with memorable vocal parts, instrumental hooks, and one picky lead (in “Wojna glupcÁ³w”). DEZERTER easily holds their own against the better Western bands, so I strongly recommend looking for their releases.

TZN Xenna Dzieci Z Brudnej Ulicy / Ciemny PokÁ³j 7″

Two hard-driving tunes in a tough early punk style but with HC’s zip. There’s subtlety as well as power, making this not just collectable because it’s from Poland. Not only that, it’s out on the official state label, with a picture sleeve.

V/A Jak Punk to Punk LP

A varied punk thrash and post-punk collection contains tracks from many of the bands you’ve read about in these pages. Included are ARMIA, DEZERTER, REJESTRACJA, ZENNA, SIEKIERA, ABADDON, and PROCESS. This is out on the state label, Tonpress, but might be available through…