Mielenhäiriö II EP

Their second release (first was a one-sided 7″), this one flexing some muscle. The three A-side songs are slightly-better-than-average pop-punk, but it’s on the flip where they really cut loose. Three more tunes, much more energetic, both thrashy and imaginative.

W.D.M. Democracy? EP

Containing all the good characteristics of Finnish hardcore, this young band is coming into its own. Powerful and tight, this release has fine production that accentuates their wild vocals with neat echoes and underscores the fine guitar work. Excellent, with both thrash and slower tunes.

W.D.M. Democracy? EP

An above-average noise thrash release, rife with buzzsaw guitar, raging beat, and gnarly vocals. All nine songs are sung in English, the intelligent lyrics driven home with passion and power. Hot.