V/A The Rebel Kind LP

A very good collection of neo-’60s bands appears on this new compilation released by Sounds Interesting. The material ranges from the fantabulous—the SLICKEE BOYS’ guitar-heavy garage rock, the fuzzed-out ’60s punk of Sweden’s NOMADS and the MIRACLE WORKERS, the organ-dominated BLUES MAGOOS-ish psychedelia of the UNITED STATES OF EXISTENCE, and the ripping psych guitar jam by PLASTICLAND—to the VICEROYS’ abysmal attempt to recapture the dynamic power of the YARDBIRDS. Most of the rest, which includes the LAST, the SIC KIDZ, the UNCLAIMED, the FUZZTONES, TRUE WEST, the LONG RYDERS, the SHOUT, and the POINT, is also worthwhile. Turn on and tune this in.