V/A We Got Power: Party or Go Home LP

Fuck! What can you say about this 40-band compilation organized by the editor of LA fanzine We Got Power? It has a bit of everything—intelligent bands, stupid bands, great bands, mediocre bands, unknown bands, well-known bands, bands from all over the US and Canada—but it’s great because all the songs are so short that even the few lame ones don’t have time to get boring. And most of them thrash to the max. It’s hard to pick faves, but I think WHITE CROSS, MECHT MENSCH, the ATHEISTS, JACK SHIT, the DAYGLOW ABORTIONS, and—dare I admit it?—WHITE FLAG have the standout tracks. All future comps should maintain a similar 1:00 limit in songs to keep things zipping along, but this platter unfortunately lacks both info on the bands and visible grooves between cuts—a DJ’s nightmare.