Overbite Awake EP

Fuck, this is gnarly. Blown-out and feeding back all over the place, Ireland’s OVERBITE offer up five tracks of fucked up disorientating hardcore with bestial vocals and some nasty riffs buried under the fuzz. The shitty looking pixelated packaging was initially off-putting, but after hearing the record, it makes perfect sense—one more element of this band’s presentation that is designed to confuse and obscure. The muffled, claustrophobic recording (which would be awful for almost any other band) is actually a plus, highlighting the ear-damaging shrieks and squalls of feedback while the drums and bass struggle in the background. This is a very challenging, very interesting record that I hope will find its way to those who would enjoy it most. Fans of PIG HEART TRANSPLANT and the like to the front, please!