Mod Hippie Wannabe Nobody CD

On first listen, it sounds like some 50-year-olds sat around listening to the BAY CITY ROLLERS, REDD KROSS, and NICK LOWE. There’s not much punk here at all, if any. It is, however, well-crafted, old dude mellowed bubblegum—too light on the rock, and a little too heavy on personal songwriting prowess and skill to be appreciated by the MRR elite, though there are more songs on which I’ve hit the repeat button than stinkers that I have skipped. I know you don’t really wanna listen to it, but what if I told you DJ BONEBREAK played drums? Don’t you wanna maybe try it out just for shits and giggles, now? Yes. Yes, you do. Plus, maybe your parents will hear you listening to this and get off your case for one fucking minute.