Laxity / Torpur Split LP

Discordant and truly damaged sounds from LAXITY. Primitive, fukkd, minimal jerky shit, bordering on art/post-punk at times and leaning towards shit-fi Midwest basement hardcore at others…their side is a truly original sounding piece of madness and I find myself hesitant to flip—because what if the other side is a stinker?! Instead, TORPUR is more damaged, more fukkd, more aggressive. Not more awesome, mind you, because these two bands are carefully presented in compliment, not competition, but the intensity level ramps up notably here, and nuance is replaced with distorted stomps and terrifying demented vocals. Both bands are from Poland (and all of these tracks have appeared on tapes that I now desperately need) and successfully tweak—and, in the process, fully own—North America’s take on squirmy mysterious punk. Literally the only negative thing I can say is that this 12″ is limited to 100 copies.