Lockjaw Demos 1982-1983 12″

Eight tracks pulled from the Grand Theft Audio discography CD released back in 1996. LOCKJAW plagued the Portland punk scene in the early ’80s, releasing two EPs and appearing on the Drinking Is Great comp, though the the burly, plodding hardcore on this one-sided 12″ pales in comparison to the likes of POISON IDEA or even FINAL WARNING. Why dig up these mediocre recordings and put them on vinyl now (or to be precise, 2018 when this was released)? Well, aside from the fact that we’re nearing the bottom of the barrel for un-reissued ’80s HC material, I’d imagine this band’s MEATMEN-sans-irony lyrical content appeals to closet alt-right losers who are titillated by Ted Bundy cover art and “button-pushing” tunes like “Crippled Children” and “She’s a Slut.” Yawn.