Osbo Demo cassette

An intriguing taped rendition of hardcore Á  la The Sydney Method, a particularly baleful approach to the sound which eschews chest-beating for hair-grabbing or just lobbing a beer bottle through a flock of Ibis. Members are commandeered from all corners: post-punk pontificators like TIM AND THE BOYS and the bad-tempered moshers of ILL BRIGADE. This is testament to the freeflow inspo approach that’s pleasingly particular to that city. OBSO brings it on deranged and loose, ritalin tremors regulating a credible urge to snap. There’s hateful intensity in this jagged guitar sound that keeps things panicky. Rattling cymbals pitch across open planes of loose menace, barely holding back until the final track where any overtures to good manners are wholesale abandoned in favour of a good old therapeutic roll-around-on-the-floor in the demilitarized zone between NO TREND and COLD SWEAT. More please.