Krig I Hudik III LP

These guys cranked out a couple EPs nearly ten years ago, likely embraced by fans of raucous Swedish hardcore punk. According to little research KRIG I HUDIK is a cover band of sorts, with members of MISSBRUKARNA, TOTALITÄR, BRAINBOMBS and SWINEHOOD rendering songs from Rolf RevÁ¥lt’s late’-70s/early-’80s bands. If you worship Swedish punk, TOTALITÄR and MISSBRUKARNA should be on your altar, and with Poffen’s signature vocal style and the drilling guitars KRIG I HUDIK continues to sound like a mix of those two bands. This 12″ compiles fluid and expert renderings of songs by MASSGRAV, DAGENS UNGDOM, ROLF & REVOLTÖRERNA, the TURFS, MISSBRUKARNA and a couple uncredited…originals? Who knows, but it’s a great slab of expert-level raw hardcore punk. I like the previous 7″s better but that’s probably just a personal format bias.