Snot Puppies T.V. Tantrum EP

Three tracks of great adolescent LA punk, produced and remastered by Geza X and rescued from obscurity by No Matrix Records. SNOT PUPPIES were a short-lived high school band but still managed to share bills with the likes of MIDDLE CLASS, the GERMS, and SCREAMERS. Collector scums already heard “T.V. Tantrum” and “Towel Song” (just called “Towels” here) on Killed By Death #13, and I can confirm that this official 7″ release was worthwhile and is essential for those gobbling up everything from the early LA punk scene. All three songs are delightfully bashy, fuck-up punk that fits nicely among the above mentioned bands, like a more inept DEADBEATS. Liner notes include all the memories and flyer scans necessary to make this an obvious pickup.