Step Forward Demos 1989-1990 LP

STEP FORWARD was the first “proper” straightedge band to come out of Sweden (I say “proper” because SVART PARAD had their foot in it as well, but never were established as a sXe band). Although very short-lived, they had a major role to play in Swedish hardcore and paved the way for REFUSED and FINAL EXIT. Their only two existing demos are finally being repressed with remastered sound, and with liner notes from Dennis Lyxzen along with a bunch of unseen photos. The members went on to form and play in impactful bands like FINAL EXIT, INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONSPIRACY, E.T.A., and REGULATIONS. The cover pictures four kids sitting on the front of a porch. First thoughts? MINOR THREAT. And yes…this has MINOR THREAT written all over it, from the cover to the vocal style to the sound, but an angrier and sometimes faster version. This record proves that Sweden isn’t just D-beat!