Leaking Head Demo 2021 cassette

This Rochester band has been playing around in some form or another for a minute. Slapping the odd rectangular piece of plastic into the appropriate device, I was hit in the face with the best dirty, mean, spoiled brat-led hardcore I’ve heard in a least a day or so. Constantly teetering on the line between a sludgy metallic beatdown and a fast-as-fuck snotty thrashfest, they remind me of the SCHOOL JERKS and SHEER TERROR, or JUDGE and REAGAN YOUTH, the latter which is covered with an atypically refreshing choice of song. The other cover is the STOOGES, and I know you’re thinking “how can I ever hear another cover of TV Eye’ ever again” but, I shit you not, they do a damn interesting job of it. Mastered by the master of mastering, Will Killingsworth; you know it’s going to be a big, beefy-sounding, plastic-spooled joyride. Hoo-ha!