Napolnariz Discografia cassette

Discografia is a 31-track discography cassette compiling all of the band’s recorded output from 2002–2012; an entire decade of NAPOLNARIZ from Puerto Rico. Presuming these songs are on the tape chronologically, which as far as I can tell they are, they began as a snotty, snarky, sloppy, mid-tempo, lo-fi punk rock band, and as their time went on they got tighter and started writing catchy pop punk songs, never fully ditching their early grit, though. You’ve gotta respect that level of commitment and dedication over the course of a decade. The highlight for me on this tape is a Spanish-translated version of DEAD BOYS’ “All This and More” as “Todo Esto y Más.” This tape as a whole is a lot of NAPOLNARIZ to take in, but there’s definitely some really cool, catchy songs on here.