V/A No Sabiamos Como Hacerlo, Pero Lo Estamos Haciendo: Zc Hardcorepunx Review 2010/2020 cassette + zine

Comps rule. Regional comps rule. Retrospective comps that capture a scene rule. This Hardcorepunx Review is all of this and more, with a zine and cassette that captures the scene in Campana (just north from Buenos Aires) through the last decade. Over 40 tracks ranging from disjointed punk (RATAS, FUCK DA KIDZ), noisy garage HC (BARDO, AUTOAGRESION, AMENAZA), ripping fastcore (MATA 7, LOS CAIDOS, THUMBARRANCHXS, SUGGESTION), mosh-heavy HC (NO CALLES NUNCA, SIN RETORNO, VENOSO), crust (DETTONACION), grind (KUSH)…you see where I’m going here, but I’m not finished. And neither are the folks at Discos Corrosivos. Lo-fi punk (GODZILAS, LXS ABATIDXS, PERIFERIA), chaotic punk (BALACERA), powerviolence (HOT BURRITO), a couple of passionate (almost emo?) tracks from LAS PARTES FALTANTES, and a dark shoegaze departure from PESTE NEGRA ORQESTRA. It’s a truly excellent collection of sounds even without the context, but to capture a time and a place so well is truly awesome. Highest recommendation.