Rough Gutts Part 1 & Part 2 12″

The label says the band is unstoppable…the band opens the record with “Spit,” and I’m inclined to think the label might be correct. No-nonsense garage rock’n’roll with heaps of swagger and a healthy dose of space rock; the only thing missing is the damn tambourine (and I keep thinking it’s going to make an appearance before I flip the fukkr over). Brighton’s ROUGH GUTTS ride the horse hard, breathing new life into damaged, neglected punk licks, dragging them back in time in the process. The formula may be simple, but far too often when punks go this route, the listener is reminded that punk, at its foundation, is a rudimentary and inept art form. Maybe there really is a difference between punk and rock’n’roll, and maybe some people should stick with what they do well (or stick with what they do poorly), but ROUGH GUTTS have the chops to back it up and the result here is a slamming fucking success. Never did get that tambourine, but the organ in “See The Light” was a nice consolation—this one’s a burner.