The Ratchet Boys Live From 1997–2001 LP

Pretty unreal collection of recordings from a DC ska troupe I had never heard of. Because I don’t pay attention to ska. Like…at all. But if the RATCHET BOYS are any indication, then that’s my fucking loss, because if you can’t get down to “Farragut North,” then I don’t even know what can help you—plus, “I’m gonna be picking up asses after the show” might be the best mosh call in history. Full horn section and a constant swing, this shit transcends your dislike (or fear…?) of ska and turns your life into a working class party. Released on CD twenty years ago, this LP is a tribute to their vocalist who passed away in 2007. Normally reviewers will say things like “if you’re into that sort of thing…,” but this reviewer is gonna suggest that this recording will win you over even if you aren’t.