Squish Days of the Grumble CD

Has-been garage punkers from the mid-2010s that started a band specifically to make weird concept albums. This is from their Bandcamp page. Sound like a good thing to you? Kill me. Their first offering that I’m blessed to review here is a punk magnum opus about maggots invading the earth. Oh wait. Sound familiar? Yes, the PLASMATICS did this much better on their last album Maggots: The Record decades ago. This apparently comes with a comic zine that could give this a little more cohesive power, but really, it’s just lukewarm HIVES-like garage slop with deadpan vocals that the CHILD MOLESTERS or DICTATORS did much better. It’s not totally awful and there’s moments to be had, such as the SPITS-like “Collective, Correction, Collection,” but overall it’s hard for me to care. Wendy O. is coming back for them and she’s not happy.