Club Déjà-Vu Alles Was Es Gibt LP

Seems like there is currently a revival of late ’90s/early ’00s melodic punk, but if your band formed in 2004, is it a revival? Germany’s CLUB DÉJÀ-VU put out their fourth LP this year, with their last album, Die Farben der Saison, having come out in 2015. I listened back to a few tracks from their nearly twenty-year endeavor, and Alles Was Es Gibt delves deeper into the emotional side of their already melancholic sound. Sing-along melodies, downtrodden guitar riffs mixed with bright and quick solos, fast drums, and a high-quality production sound. This reminds me of SQUIRTGUN, or generally anything from the Mallrats soundtrack, but sung in German. If you like this type of thing, they have 60-some songs in their repertoire.