Extasy Ira Total cassette

Said it here before, but I’m going to repeat it, because seriously, tape labels are the true source of today’s great hardcore punk—I’m tipping my hat to all maniacs who dare to release music, and these smaller tape labels who put out local bands are grabbing the essence of radical underground music. Previous Corona RX tapes made me excited to check out EXTASY, who turned out to be great, too. Pissed-off, rudimentary hardcore with a lot of mid-tempo, tension-raising flow. The songs are pretty simple, but they become lively when each element blends together. The lyrics are about a suffocating frustration, and paired with the raspy, shouting vocals, this aimless aggression fits well with the simple but bouncy riffs and tight beats. They remind me of radical hardcore bands such as CISMA. Tapes like this are the best—maybe the music will not spin your head with its novelty, but everything about this release just demonstrates why this is the best subculture.