Les Lullies Mauvaise Foi LP

French power pop punkers LES LULLIES are back with their second full-length album, a long-awaited followup to 2018’s self-titled LP also on Slovenly Records. Mauvaise Foi (which translates to “Bad Faith” for the non-French speakers) sheds the garage-y production elements of previous efforts in favor of a more deliberate and layered approach. Frankly, this is a big step up from the prior releases, which were already nothing to balk at. What emerges is an album that manifests both style and substance in spades. LES LULLIES don’t shy away from their influences, but their synthesis of ’77-style punk with power pop and ’60s garage rock yields results that are inarguably original. Their songs are hook-laden earworms that will burrow into your brain sac and extract your fondest memories of listening to the REAL KIDS, TESTORS, and the BOYS. If you’ve been jamming the DOGS’ recent The Melody Massacre Years collection, or EXPLODING HEARTS’ Guitar Romantic reissue, throw this in the rotation. You’ll be glad you did.