Spider Bite The Rainbow and the Dove LP

My first thoughts upon hearing SPIDER BITE’s The Rainbow and the Dove LP is that this is the sound of a band who’ve been around the block and know exactly what they’re doing. They check all the boxes: proficient playing, songs as tight as springs, and lyrics that are bursting with wit, anger, and humor. As it turns out, I wasn’t wrong. SPIDER BITE is comprised of three scene veterans whose resumes include OUTFIT, CONSTANTINES, and CAREER SUICIDE. Mostly sounding like a cross between BLACK FLAG and any of John Dwyer’s OH SEES incarnations, SPIDER BITE packs a wallop on each song here, complete with classic punk riffs and lyrics so dense you’d be missing out by not reading along. For the most part, they speak on the current social and political climate in Canada, and I’ve gotta say, things are sounding pretty grim (and I live in the States!). From beginning to end, I can’t really find any weak spots, but I can definitely say that my favorite moment here is the title track—a trashy, semi-slowed-down affair à la the STOOGES that skewers the privilege of a nepotism baby in the music scene. With mentions of minute-long saxophone solos and glorious Pitchfork scores, it’s perfectly sarcastic. If you’re a generally annoyed and aging punk like myself, this is the album for you. Highly recommended.