Busted Head Racket Junk Food 10″

Ah, the distinct pleasure one derives from holding the most loathsome vinyl format in their grubby hands…the reviled 10” record. Bands typically avoid the bewitching allure of the cursed middle size by either writing a few more songs and making a proper full-length album, or by exercising restraint and editing down to an EP. Well, BUSTED HEAD RACKET (or BHR) said “fuck all that!” So, a 10” it is. Eight songs of synth-driven, lo-fi, new wave-inspired punk. The vocals oscillate between understated/deadpan and howlingly feral, with flashes of harmony that compliments the undercurrent of pop that courses through the release. BHR would fit well on a bill with fellow Aussies ITCHY AND THE NITS, or really any band of the Warttmann Inc.’s roster of scrambled deviants. The closest reference point is SNOOPER, or perhaps one of the Northwest Indiana bands that undoubtedly inspired them, like C.C.T.V. Concise and energetic, BHR aren’t overly serious—the title track is essentially a shopping list of snack foods—and the goofy fun is quite contagious. A solid release that would make a worthy addition to the three or four other 10”s you might own.