Keno Scared to Update cassette

UK-based cassette label Gob Nation issues the debut release from this London three-piece that seems to feature at least one Aussie (either that, or the vocalist is adopting a fake accent). KENO plays a heavy mix of plodding noise rock and gloomy hardcore, with some goth-y trappings, like echoed, multi-tracked vocals and faint haunted house synths. If there was a midpoint between TOTAL CONTROL at their most ADOLESCENTS-y and PERVERTS AGAIN at their most metronomic, you’d probably find this tape there. For the most part, it’s a solid release, and I’d recommend you give it a listen. But I also think they could have tightened things up a bit and wound up with a much better record. For instance, just imagine if they dropped the keyboard on “Still Life,” stripped out most of the vocal overdubs, and the lead singer just really dove into his performance. It probably would have ended up sounding like a different thing altogether, maybe something more like WATERY LOVE, but I absolutely would’ve been into that.