Tiikeri Punk Rock Pamaus​!​!​! LP

“Let’s punk!” says TIIKERI right at the beginning of their full-length record. They play rudimental but very melodic punk rock—not even distorted guitars, at a moderate tempo and with rather entertaining vocals. It’s not the punk mostly I listen to, but this is very punk punk punk. They are from Finland and sing in Finnish, and the language pairs incredibly well with this sort of stripped-down music; it gives a strange aura to the songs. Their music is much more international visceral rock’n’roll that has a lot of power even when it’s not blasting on level eleven. This could be great mixtape music. The simplicity and gimmickless image makes them otherworldly, timeless, and unjudgeable. Therefore, even if you are not that familiar with this subgenre, you can be entertained by this record. Most likely it’s the type of music that has to click with you to really, really like it, but its quality is clear even on the first listen. If you like dumbed-down but super melodic music that is driven by rock’n’roll essence yet it’s punk in a universal and textbook way, then TIIKERI is your band.