Them’uns This is Rave Punk cassette

When I saw “rave punk” on the cover of this British duo’s tape, I wasn’t sure what to expect— maybe a mix of beats and hardcore like L.O.T.I.O.N. Instead, THEM’UNS sound a lot like ATARI TEENAGE RIOT, though less intense and noisy. Opener “Soylent Blueblood (Ethical Cannibalism)” takes eating the rich literally, with lines like, “Who could have guessed that when the bills began to soar / It would result in this delicious class war? / Even vegans and vegetarians are down / Feasting upon the flesh of those in high renown.” This is shouted in call-and-response over 808 kicks and synth leads. There is a fine line between fun and cringe, and these folks trample down the middle of it. Similarly, “Fuck Cars (Gary Numan on Yer Bike Mate)” is a reworked cover of the new wave classic changed to favor bicycles over cars. Imagine an anarchist WEIRD AL track, but not as clever. If you like electronic club music, this punk play on it might be a worthy spin, just know that it’s over-the-top and textbook anti-authoritarian.