Spetters Who is Gay Chaos? cassette

Reading, PA DIY group SPETTERS puts out their last album, with a mixture of new tracks and a few from previous releases. A red herring two-minute piano opener gives way to guitar and bass that get a good workout, riffing up and down the neck with fervor, cloaked in reverb; drums make surprise changes, rests, and generally kept me on my toes throughout; vocals start relaxed, gravelly, and build to a strained scream at the top of choruses—the sum of all of it leading to catchy, genuinely engaging songs in the form of a deathrock frontman meets surf-laden shoegaze (maybe?). From their YouTube videos, it looks like they put on some high-energy party shows, blending their technical rhythms that boil over into a push-and-shove crescendo. If this is the last go of SPETTERS, then get your tape before they’re gone!