V/A Haunted Music 4 Haunted People, Vol. 1 EP

Bats and ghouls, creatures of the night, this compilation calls for you! A four-way split with BLU ANXXIETY, SCIMITAR, MOIRA SCAR, and UN HOMBRE SOLO; four darker-than-dark examples of how modern electronic music can sound when it dwells in a darker spectrum. New York’s BLU ANXXIETY leads the way with their industrialized, goth-tinged approach to electronica with the sinister yet intense song “Buried Alive.”  Duo SCIMITAR from L.A. delivers a more classic approach to electronic music with a darkwave banger in the form of “Almas.” From Oakland, the trio MOIRA SCAR stitches parts of deathrock, punk, goth, and even hints of psychobilly into a disgusting Frankenstein’s monster of a track called “Zombie TV,” and Brooklyn-based artist UN HOMBRE SOLO, a solo effort as the name suggests, goes for an old school EBM feeling mixed with a Spanish movida type melancholy (I’m guessing the name was lifted off a DECIMA VITIMA song) on the brilliant song “Quebrando Espejos.”