Extensive Slaughter More Than a Nightmare LP

Have you ever had to face a charging rhino? Unlikely, I suppose, but listening to EXTENSIVE SLAUGHTER’s first serving, entitled More Than a Nightmare, can be said to be the punk equivalent of wrestling such a monster, because you’ll similarly get bruised, trampled, and possibly abducted. However, if you emerge victorious in the fight, the trophy will be a crust album to rock to instead of a horrible stuffed rhino head to hang above your fireplace, looking judgingly at you for eternity. This new Vancouver-based unit took their name from an EXCREMENT OF WAR song, so it gives a pretty solid indication of what to expect. The production is thick, powerful, and makes the band sound like an unstoppable, pummeling, galloping force. EXTENSIVE SLAUGHTER reminds me of furious ’00s metallic crustcore bands like NUCLEAR DEATH TERROR or MAN THE CONVEYORS, as well as the more recent EXTINCT/EXIST from Melbourne or Sweden’s PARASIT. The band also adds some blastbeats here, and there are some genuinely thrashing metal moments to headbang to (the description says that some members play in death metal bands too, which makes sense). As an orthodox crustcore fan, I personally don’t think the death metal blastbeats really add anything to the songs, but I guess they work well enough and keep the energy level high, in a MASSGRAVE kind of way. The vocals are hoarse, shouted but not too forced, so that they have more of a Swedish hardcore feel rather than a gruff crust one, which would broaden the band’s appeal, I assume. This is a very solid Scandicrust record and a band I will keep my watchful eyes on.