Terminal Απολυταρχικές Απολαύσεις LP

Some people take the concept of DIY absolutely literally, and the man behind TERMINAL is one of them: he did it all by himself. TERMINAL is a solo project from Kifisia, Greece, and it is its second release after the rather good Θύμα Προπαγάνδας EP last year. It can be convenient to be a one-person band, as you manage everything without having to wait for your bass player who is always late or drunk or both, and therefore you can write a lot of songs fast and release records on your own one-person label. Απολυταρχικές Απολαύσεις is very much a continuation of the EP, with a heavier production and more guitars (the rocking vibe is more present). In terms of songwriting, TERMINAL aims at creating a käng-influenced hardcore punk sound, and overall, it is executed well enough and the LP makes for an enjoyable listen. The music is fast, but lacks a little pummeling power at times. I guess current bands like GOLPE, NUKIES, or RAT CAGE would be influences, but the atmosphere is somewhat different. I am a massive sucker for punk music sung in Greek, as this very peculiar language and its unique flows and sonorities always confers an angry vibe. Good, I love the vocals, but I find myself wishing for more aggression. I am confident that the next recording might provide just that.