Fire Cult The Very Edge of the Sea LP

Debut LP from the Swiss/Spanish trio FIRE CULT.  Fun indie pop sound mixed with sass, whines, and screams that are at times dissonant and at others melodic (often both) within these longer-format songs, as in “The Runaway,” which starts slow, droning and repetitive, then halfway through shifts to fast and upbeat, declaring “I’m running away.” “No One Tells You” is my pick of the album, with blaring attitude and a quick tempo. That said, I think “Static World” is probably the catchy indie pop hit of the lot—it’s tender, sweet, and has enough grit to balance it out. I got to review their first release We Die Alive EP when it came out in 2021, and they have only expanded on their cult sensation that seems to be focused on playing great tunes and having a damn good time while they’re at it.  While The Very Edge of the Sea certainly contains the elastic-snap of indie, they have dropped the synths that were on their first release, giving this album a heavier, and at times more serious feel. This good-time pirate ship of a band may catch your attention, too. Beware!