Wasted Denim Wasted Denim cassette

Power trio of some real RAMONES-heads from Leeds, UK. I’m not entirely sure what this band wants, but I have a damn good idea of what they don’t want, as, in true RAMONES fashion, three out of the four songs begin with the line “I don’t wanna be…” Four-song demo of self-proclaimed “chainsaw basement punk” in a mere seven minutes. I love everything about this. “I don’t wanna be a dickhead / I can’t help myself.” Truly my only gripe about this release is that the B-side of my tape was blank so I had to dub it myself off the band’s Bandcamp page, where the tracks were listed in a different order. It took me longer to figure out these issues than it did to listen to the demo a second time, which I was more than happy to sit through.