Dynamite Blow the Bloody Doors Off! EP

In the British classic The Italian Job, Michael Caine’s Charlie Croker exclaims “You’re only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!” upon seeing the excessive damage inflicted upon a truck that was, well, only supposed to have its bloody doors blown off. It’s a great line from a great scene from a great movie, and London’s DYNAMITE has taken it as the title to their debut EP, an appropriate one for a record as explosive and as British as this. A joint release from two London-based labels (Quality Control HQ and Northern Unrest), DYNAMITE enlists a who’s-who of players from the UKHC scene as well as a guest list featuring members of the FLEX, BIG CHEESE, and HIGH VIS. Featuring five tracks of no-frills, YOUTH OF TODAY-inspired hardcore without an ounce of fat to be heard, you can tell this was put together by a band that knows and loves the genre. On the killer “Dynamite Stomp,” they even claim “In every drop of blood /I will bleed hardcore.” Alright then, highly recommended.